Monday, 27 May 2013

The Sleepers Awake - What Have We Missed?


Is it really almost June?

Hang on, we'll put the kettle on; café, thé, pastis?

We turn our back for what feels like five minutes and before we know it, months have disappeared. We've been gone a while, but now we're pulling back the cover sheets from the blog, we're running a nostalgic finger across the dust-covered mantelpiece, and we're going to throw wide open to the world the windows that have stiffened with time. We've neglected it for too long, and now we're back to breathe some life into its pages once again.

It feels good to immerse ourselves in the blogosphere again, and we're excited to find out what's been going on with everyone. We're in for quite a catch-up!

So, where have we been? 

Oh, you know how it is when the in-tray is suddenly stacked so high you worry that it might start interfering with the light fittings. We've been very busy and were worried that the blog would suffer if we carried on trying to squeeze it in after everything else, so rather than publish anything halfhearted, we thought we'd just lock-up shop for a little while until the Summer when we'd have a bit more time on our hands.

We were surprised when we went up to unlock the Twitter room and found that an additional 60 followers had taken up residence there since we stopped tweeting. I guess Twitter is strange like that!

Anyway, we're glad to hear that you're well (you look great by the way! Is that a new perfume you're wearing?) and we're looking forward to catching up with all your news.

In a matter of weeks time we're going to be launching some brand-new content on the blog and giving the old place a bit of TLC and a revamp where it needs it. We're diving back into our long-term relocation plans (we've got some updates on that), and we'll once again be bringing our UK followers the very best of French culture to be found in the UK. We'll keep you updated and please get in touch if there's anything you'd like to see appear on our site!

It's great to be back. This time we'll make sure we keep in touch, yeah?

Au Revoir.

Speak Soon!

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  1. Glad you're back. I've been a bit off the blogging boil too. Life gets in the way sometimes. Looking forward to catching up with your news. X